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Sprint Hopes New Instinct Will Stop Subscriber Churn (NewsFactor)

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NewsFactor – Sprint Nextel is hoping to knock the iPhone off its lofty perch with the launch this month of Instinct — a new smartphone it codeveloped with Samsung Electronics. Like Apple’s new 3G handset, Instinct combines full touch-screen functionality and fast wireless speeds with live TV, stereo Bluetooth, and GPS with turn-by-turn navigational capabilities.

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Motorola Rokr E8 Music Phone Is a Smart MP3 Player

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As a GSM mobile phone, the Motorola Rokr E8 may not break new ground, but as an MP3 player and music phone, it is a smart device. The product comes with a new kind of haptic keypad that tells you what you can do by lighting up relevant keys only. The keys are touch-sensitive, although […]

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